BLACKHAWK CUSTOM, LLC's Cerakote Services

Blackhawk Custom, LLC’s  Custom Shop, offers Cerakote refinishing exclusively by Factory trained and certified applicators.

All prices will INCLUDE RETURN SHIPPING AND INSURANCE after the coating process.

If you are wanting a custom theme, please contact us at 954-848-1911 or by email for a personalized quote.

Items with threading ( Buffer tube, lower receiver buffer threads, upper receiver threads, barrel threading and extension) Will NOT be masked off before coating process.

Terms and Conditions for Custom Shop Refinishing

Thoroughly clean the firearm.

Any firearm that arrives with old oil, grease, dirt, or carbon deposits or excess oil will incur a cleaning charge.
Firearms do not need to be dry, but oil should be wiped off to a minimal film.

Disassembled Firearms
Upon receipt of shipment, we will catalog your components and verify the work-order. Any issues we will contact. If there are no issues, we will get your items into queue for refinishing work. If you wish to send your firearm pre-disassembled, we will coat it and return it unassembled. All items will be coated and returned not assembled.

Make sure your firearm is unloaded before packaging. DO NOT SEND ANY AMMUNITION. Any ammo that is sent will NOT be returned.
Only send the parts that are being refinished.
Please do not do this.
Pack the firearm in the smallest package that gives adequate protection. Packing material at least 1/2inch all the way around the parts is ideal. Do not use packing peanuts. Pack the items so that they will not move in the package and is protected against crushing.
Make sure that you include the following in the package with the firearm:
All parts and accessories to be coated.


Due to the nature of the refinishing process, you can ship directly to Blackhawk Custom, LLC, and we can ship it directly back to you. You do not need to send it through a dealer on your end.
There are some exceptions, however. If you ask us to send a firearm to a different address than you shipped it from, or to a different person, we will do so by shipping to a licensed dealer in that location, who will then transfer to whoever is picking up the item/s.
If you ship a firearm to us that is not legal in your area for any reason, we will not return it to that location. If you ship a firearm that is illegal to possess for any reason (serial number removed, unlicensed machine gun or other NFA weapon, etc.), we will not return the firearm and will take whatever action is required by law, including surrendering it to the proper authorities.

Return Shipping
If we received the firearm from the owner, we will ship directly back to the owner. If we received it from a dealer, we will need a copy of the dealer’s license (or another dealer if you choose) and will ship to the dealer. We will ship either FedEx or USPS priority, depending on which is the best value for the package size. The firearm will be insured for replacement value plus the value of the finish and will be shipped with delivery confirmation and adult signature required. If for some reason the value of your firearm is higher than others of the type, please let us know for shipping insurance purposes. The owner will be charged actual shipping cost.

Turnaround times
Turnaround times vary depending on the current workload. Our normal turnaround times are 7 to 10 days, but can be as short as a few days or as long as a couple months at times. We try to give an accurate time-frame when you ship your firearm, but that can change quickly. A significant part of every day is spent, not finishing firearms, but speaking on the phone to clients who are asking about the status of their firearms. We sometimes have people calling and asking if we have finished the firearm they sent before it has even been delivered to us. We know that you are anxious to see your newly finished firearm, but we ask that you refrain from calling for status reports.

All turn around times are an estimate, they are not exact. Once we have your order, it will be processed as quickly as possible without degrading the quality of our work.

We know that you would like updates as often as possible, but please refrain from calling in until after 14 business days. Calling in and getting a status update, will cause delays in yours and other clients orders. We will finish your items as quickly as possible.

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